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as we are novices is it possible to do in 2 days camping out along the way and where would i get a detailed map of this route and when is the best time of year to do and where is the best place to camp if doing over 2 days
You can do it in two days. You can get a 1:25000 map from the OSNI (link on our home page). Summer is probably the best time. You can camp anywhere, but if you're starting at the same place as us then you could camp at our half-way point. It's flat, and quite near a road and a car park.

The entry on wikipaedia for the Mourne wall says that it's average height is 2.5 metres. I think this most unlikely. From the photos, I'd say the average height is not more than 1.7 metres. What do you think?
You're about right - and the Wikipedia article now says it's 1.5m in average height.

Very informative and interesting - how long did it take you in 2003?
In 2003 it took us 14h12 together, but one of us did it in 9h53. In 2004 we did it in 12h36 and in 2005 in 11h44.

is it a marke out route
No but you're following a wall with a map so can't go wrong.

Can you give distances & heights in Metric.
These can be found on the OSNI map and probably on Wikipedia. I'll add them to the site when I find time.

who built it?
Belfast Water Commissioners.

is it possible to walk the wall in one day

excellent web site, stunning views (and thats just AC), what do the names mean?

wow - how long did the walk take?
See above.

How long did it take you to do the walk?
See above.

I intend taking a group hill walking in the Mournes shortly. Could you send ( or recommend ) me a map and any other relevant material please.
You can get the 1:25000 OSNI map through the link on our home page. Other than that you'll want the basics: a compass (just in case), food, water and something warm to wear. You can get a mobile phone signal nearly everywhere now.

Just a comment on how impressive your web site is, the pictures left mewanting to be there. I am a novice to walking in the Mournes but have managed to take in somesummits such as Muck, Doan, Slievenaglogh (the smaller one!)andLoughshannagh. I am curious though as to how easy/difficult you found it on either side ofBearnagh - one picture shows clearly the wall being replaced by slabs aboveHares Gap! I have seen the severity of the western slope from Doan - and itskinda offputting! How could I get around this?

From your experience is it possible to walk the full wall in one day.

The holidays start tomorrow and I'm going to start with the Mournes. Can you give me a few pointers - starting point etc.
If you follow our route it should be fine.

Had a look at your website of the mourne wall walk. Very impressed by boththe site and especially your 22 mile walk in one day. I am particularlyfond of the mournes myself frequently undertake walking trips. I'mconsidering doing the mourne wall walk around September time, could you giveme any advise? What sort of training programme did you go through beforecompleting the walk?
If you're used walking you won't need any specific training programme. Good luck.

Negative comments

Your route is clockwise, not ant-clock as you say at end. Photos are v poor
We have fixed the clockwise/anti-clockwise mistake. The photos were taken with disposable cameras before we had digital cameras, so ram it.

i've seen better... get more pictures & be a little more casual with your text! if you want to be in with a chance of getting the best website on indavidual topics in the north of ireland! you hav 3 days to do this as there will be 82 of my fellow coligues investigating websites on the topic of the mourne mountains.
Good for you.

You need to have more info on the mourne wall
Look up Wikipedia.


Positive comments

A brilliant website, well done.


Enjoyed your phots of the Mourne Wall features along the route and the map annotations to highlight the route and position where photos were taken Thanks

first time and its great

Brill site, been walking in the mournes for a while but have never done the entire wall but this has inspired me to go for it. Why do we do these things?

it is to short but good

love it

very good i am using this for homework and is great


Brilliant piece of work - you deserve great credit!!

I have looked at this a couple of times and as I start using the individual features it strikes me as being a superb mix of tools and info

outstanding views

i live beside the mourne wall

We love this!

brilliant site

very good information

superb site.

why was the wall built

we were here yesterday and climbed binian. fantastic. this website gives us the photos we didn't take!!!!!!!!!! thank you

good stuff, inspiring.

Nice one!


A great site.

Greetings, I hope you are well.

fantastic! many thanks for a great record (found you via Wikipedia)

very good photos

really enjoyed your trip

nice!very nice!

great pics. brought back memories of my own trek round the wall in August 2003. A worthy challange for any walker.

wow, cool

fascinating photos

excellent. Perhaps a more detailed map?

thanks for putting your photos onto the web! i completed my silver duke of edinburgh award and using your website i could show my family where i walked! thanks!

interested in hillwalking over christmas or new year period.

fantastic website

best MOurnes site I've ever seen.

Excellent site - well done. eading up for a ramble next Thursday - can't wait now after looking at the images and labels on your site.

Quite possibly the most informative site for a walker who wants to know what he's letting himself in for that I've ever seen! Great work lads.

What a fantastic site, i first walked "the wall" in X as a 14 year old and did the walk for the next two years after that and still have my badges and certs that were given out at the time by the yha. Living in X as i did at that time we spent many hours in the mountains esp in the summer holidays.It is interesting that on the day of the walk the last years winner would run the brandy pad to make sure there was no cheating by the hares,who would be home for lunch as the rest of the heard were crawling up sleve muck (it still brings a shudder the thought of it) The first point to look to was the hares gap and for the locals on the walk your family with dry clothes and food.But all this would for me fall into insignificance as the gap with the bloody river vally passed and the end was in sight. The best i managed was to be home for 1700(10 hours) and all this with school the next day.I left X in 1983 and today was the first time i have seen the mountains since, thank you

excellent resource, thanks!!

Cheers. Just did it in opposite direction (anti-clockwise) to yourselves last Saturday. Took 16 1/2 hours. Absolute murder at the time but all of us are on a high after doing it. Started/ finished at Carrick Little car park. 5 people started one dropped out at Slieve Muck.

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